Meuble Downtown de Linteloo

Etagere downtown by roderick vos

The construction and shapes of Roderick Vos latest design remind of a classic building in Art Deco style. With its impressive 180 cm height and optional illumination the show case is an eye catcher even without content. Just like in architecture the owner determines the function: book tower, audio rack, mini bar, trophy shelf et cetera. If necessary Downtown is all at the same time.


Squaring the circle
The structure of Downtown is made of square tube that partly has been lasercut in several circular shapes. Vos thus created a three dimensional frame with round as well as rectangular surfaces. The horizontal ones are covered with a wood veneer of Ebony or Black Frake; the vertical panels are coated matt black like the rest of the frame. Downtown is available with and without integrated illumination.


Vos about Downtown

The object is an original and functional interpretation of how to store in this new century. Nowadays we use our living room from floor to ceiling. Downtown lightens up our space as a temple or tower to honor our memories, putting little statues, souvenirs and books. In a way Downtown reminds me of American Art Deco buildings, like the famous Victor Hotel in Miami.


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